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Robert Coffee

Actor from Pittsburg, PA

Rob loves acting on set and sharing energy with like-minded talents.

For fun Robert loves to play chess, travel, and converse with educated people about history and truth.

Supporting Cast


Cast & Crew

The Coyoteman

HOST and actor from Baltimore, MD

The Coyoteman, also known as simply Coyote, is co-host of our show and one of the main actors. To say he is a creative genius is an understatement! He writes, directs, acts, edits, films, and produced music! His crazy sense of humor and trickster personality is the perfect breeding ground for the over the top comedy of The Coyoteman Show.

For fun Coyote likes to create music, watch WWE, hang with his brother Shelton, and of course- be with beautiful women.

Shelton Stanley

HOST and actor from Baltimore, MD

Shelton is the other insane co-host of The Coyoteman Show. He is one of our greatest and most versatile actors. Shelton crafts some of the most memorable characters of our show’s history- and NEVER breaks character. However, off-camera he is a laid back and also one of our main writers.

For fun Shelton likes to be with beautiful women, play video games, and kick it with his brother Coyote.

Main Cast

Sarah Bernero

Actor from Aberdeen, MD

Sarah is a devoted actress and member of the cast. She is also one of the assistant directors - which gives her the excuse she needs for always being early on set! Her mother goose disposition towards the cast is only one way in which her dedication and innovative thinking are brought out. Don’t let her friendly and professional manner fool you – she can “act” sassy when the time is right. 

For fun Sarah likes to get to know people, do anything creative, and ORGANIZE!

Jodie Smith

Actor from Manchester, MD

Jodie is our chameleon! She can transform age, gender and ethnicity with makeup and body language. Watching the show, you would be shocked all of the random places she pops up. Jodie loves doing sweet things for the rest of the cast and has traveled the world! Pinky, her toy elephant sidekick, is always along for her impromptu adventures and silliness.

For fun Jodie likes to watch British movies, use her imagination, and feel the softness of cats.

Ebony Gill

Actor from Baltimore, MD

Ebony is our wild card, on and off set: her entrepreneurial mindset and wit make her a great improv actor; and her jokester personality keeps us all on our toes. Ebony works hard to push the envelope and develop her craft, and brainstorm new ideas for the show.

For fun Ebony likes to work hard achieving luxuries desired for her and her family – and of course laughing and joking with loved ones.

Gordon Lander

Actor from Baltimore, MD

Gordon is youngest, but one of the brightest stars of The Coyoteman Show. Gordon danced his way into the show this season, and is here to stay. Even though he is younger than the rest of the cast, he holds his own as an actor. His professionalism and skill set are beyond his years- and he is always eager to try something new. 

For fun Gordon likes to dance, and hang around like-minded positive people.

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