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Sekou Evans aka Sekou Tha Maddmann was born on Dec 14 1977 in Baltimore Md 
At the age of 5 he started the role of a entertainer he started with playing drums to being a break dancer at the age of 12 he started dancing with a dance group named Main Ingredient which ended up going to the Apollo theater after that he was a background dancer for a rap group which also went to the Apollo.  


By the age of 16 he started rapping and then he started making songs by the age of 18 he started his 1st record company called Reign inc. After that company fell he then started a company of his own with 3 other people called Seven Soundz of Musik after a year of build this company the other 3 partners then decided that they didnt want to do the "music business " but let him keep the name because he was one of the original owners and that he had a huge knowledge of the business. 
As time went on he also started making beats and selling studio time,  he also had 3 rap artists who all were on the same page when it came down to the love or music.

Around 2015 he then started doing radio for be exposed radio as a cohost for 2 shows
Around  2017 then met up with Coyoteman and Sonji and started working as a cohost on Sonji Show "on the edge" 
In Sept of 2021 he launched his clothing brand named Kuhnekshuhn (connection) which connects humanity with Clothing.

Contact info: Ig/Kuhnekshuhn 

Sekou Evans

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